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What Kind of Damage that Sun Exposure does to Your Roofing?

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August 12, 2022

When we plan to go for the best roofing, we consider several factors for its durability and longevity. But we always forget to consider sun exposure and how it can damage your roofing. The ultraviolet rays of sun can make some serious harm to your roofing and you need to be prepared for that.

It is essential to know the damages that sun exposure does to your roofs and how it impact the total lifespan of your roofs. Guelph Roofers can help you by providing such information so that you can get the best deal. But before going somewhere, we will tell you the type of damages that Sun Exposure can do to your roofs.

# Bleaching

Darker Rooftops are the main type of Bleaching that can completely change the look of your roofs. It will all making dark spots on your roofs, can also start dating the roof color, or will get completely white.

Here, we will say that Bleaching is a cosmetic problem, it is a structural program, which can make the look of your roof unhealthy. Wood Shake Roofs and Architectural Roofing can be prey of Bleaching. So always ask the roofing companies Guelph to provide you the best services by keeping sun exposure as an important factor.

# Thermal Shock

Thermal Shock is another type of damage that your roof may face if you have a metal roofing. We know that metal roofs have a drastic temperature change when there is sun rays on it. The metal roofs gets warmer and just because of thermal shock, the roofs starts getting thinner and less durable.

Now if your metal roofs are getting thinner then it is allowing moisture to take entry and the leakage will also be very common in that situation. Another demerit of thermal shock to your roofs is that the roof can get brittle. A brittle metal roofing will have a hard time to protect your from rain and debris.

In this situation, you need to go with flat roof repair Guelph companies, they can provide you the best solution by repairing your roofs and can make it better again. So, you should know that Thermal Shock has some serious damages to your roofs and you need to aware of that.


# Coating Damage

There is a popular roofing material named Bitumen that required coating for better protection. But the sun rays can be very harmful for the coating, which can become dry out and become brittle.

In most of the cases, the cracks will start in the costing and in the worst conditions, it gets break down completely. The exposed roof will have a short life than a normal roofs and once coatings starts getting damaged, you will have to face some severe issues and have to go for repair.

So, these are the types of damage that Sun Exposure does to your roofing and it is essential to take relevant precautions to prevent uncertainties.